Digital technologies are enabling organizations to create new type of value by transforming customer experiences, operations and creating new competitive advantage. Using statistical insights from data it is possible to shape strategy , business model and operations. Organizations understand the value of digital transformation projects involving around data, IoT and Cloud. However, their biggest challenge is how to make a relevant solution for themselves, which is built using right technology choices, cost effective, scalable, and help them build digital business. At Innovyt we understand these challenges and we have invested in research to help our customers unlock value from the digital technologies by building right solutions. Our approach is to understand the business vision and build a future-proof architecture with a realistic roadmap to achieve the business outcome.




Vineet Kumar brings more than 20 years of experience in the High-Tech industry, serving in executive and technical leadership role at Aditi, Symphony, and Harman. Vineet has a proven leadership track record in delivery and customer management ranging from enterprises to small and medium sized businesses across industries. Vineet initiated Aditi’s enterprise services business and ensured Aditi’s customers reap the benefits of new opportunities presented by the cloud and emerging technologies. By doing so, he lead a significant growth at Aditi Technologies. Prior to starting Innovyt, Vineet served as Chief Operating Officer at Aditi Technologies. Vineet is an alumni of the Harvard Business School and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Kurukshetra University.

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