Organizations understand the value of achieving deeper understanding of the customers. This allows organizations to plan, market, price and offer right products and solutions.

New technologies has made it easier to collect data from multiple sources e.g. clickstreams, social media insights and other connecting platforms. This allows organizations to know the customers even at the individual level.

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As the data generated at the enterprise level is massive and is growing exponentially the data approach has a role to play in unlocking the value from data. The last few years have seen a tremendous growth in terms of data. Data has been growing at a 40% compound annual rate and even faster in some industries. To handle just the increase in this data is cost prohibitive. Combination of old design, rigid structure of data model and cost of existing Enterprise data ware house solutions makes it difficult for organizations to unlock the value from new data sources.

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Traditionally data has been stored centrally in enterprise data warehouse and used to provide business insights to organization. Last few years have seen a tremendous growth in terms of data. Data has been growing at a 40% compound annual rate. Even faster in some industries. Technologies around data are evolving faster and cost of storing the new type and amount of data is motivating organization to explore alternative architecture.

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Real time analytics is about making faster decisions to influence the events which are happening now based upon data from events which are happening now and data stored from past. Some organizations have been using real time analytics for many years. However, so far building real time analytics solutions was complex, costly and time consuming. Real time analytics so far was leveraged by large organizations with deep pockets and resources. Even existing solutions needs to go through change with availability of new unstructured data sources to improve the decision algorithms.

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Increase usage of digital technology is generating a huge amount of data. Data is growing exponentially and becoming the strategic asset of organizations. Data has potential to transform existing business and create new business opportunities. However, existing data warehouse solution or design is not capable to handle volume, variety and velocity of new data. As lot of people say it is not new technologies but data which disrupted the existing data warehouse solutions. By each passing day disruption is accelerating in the market of data warehousing solutions.

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