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About us

Based upon our research adoption of IoT for real world solution is behind platform and technology innovation. We have focused on building IoT solutions platform to bridge the gap between IoT technology innovation and real world implementation. Focus of our solution platform is to reduce time to market for IoT implementation and in some cases deliver it as complete managed service.

Innovyt IoT Solutions platform enables to connect and manage devices, process, store and advanced analytics of data. Data and advanced analytics helps businesses to optimize operations, provide better customer experiences and enable new business opportunities. Innovyt IoT Solutions Platform integrate with IoT platforms from Microsoft & Amazon. It also leverages new technologies and approach for data storage and advanced analytics .

COMPONENTS OF Innovyt IoT Solutions Platform

IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway implementation to bridge the devices to internet. IoT gateway integrates with Microsoft Azure IoT platform or Amazon IoT platform to stream sensor data.

Mobile Apps as Gateway

Mobile app to act as IoT gateway for telematics solution

API Platform

REST API platform for overall solution to address integration scenario with existing business applications.

Data Processing and Advanced analytics Framework

Data processing framework to store and process huge data in optimal way using modern technologies e.g. Azure data lake, Amazon S3 storage. Integrate process data with machine learning algorithm for advanced analytics


Online role based dashboard for device management, administration, configuration, real time monitoring and data analysis.

Innovyt IoT Solutions Platform Architecture

Solution areas

Fleet management

Real time fleet tracking, alerts and advanced analytics of driving behaviour and insights for improving fleet.

Innovative Retail

Use real time information of footfall, inventory, behavioural data and other assets information for enhanced customer.

Connected Manufacturing

Monitoring production in real to improve process efficiency. Analysing production cycles to predict breakdown.

Smart Buildings

Real time occupancy data to save energy, enhance occupancy comfort and boost productivity. Analysing collective.

Innovyt IoT Solutions Platform for Telematics Solution

Connected School Bus

  • Live Bus Location Tracking for Parents
  • Surveillance And Safety
  • Parents & Driver Communication
  • Live Traffic And Road Conditions
  • Usage Pattern to Enrich Experience
  • Bus Health and Diagnostic Data

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