Workforce Solutions

We have a significant platform for two factor authentication, verifier credentialing and on-site inspections and auditing of data for safeguarding information.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is quite popular choice for organizations for talent acquisition within a specialized area.

Innovyt RPO brings out attractive and potential talents with advanced skills for fulfilling suitable positions.

We have a dedicated recruitment process function to help companies for successful talent acquisition. Along with subject matter experts, Innovyt collects the needs of the jobs and screens out the applicants with pre-employment assessments.

We have customized RPO delivery models that help in careful matching for acquiring talents in a specific domain at cost-effective prices.

Payroll Solution

We ensure a popular choice for companies for talent acquisition in different specialized areas.

Innovyt offers a dedicated recruitment outsourcing function to help companies in the successful talent acquisition.

With different subject matter experts, Innovyt collects the requirements of jobs and screens job applicants with a careful match in a specific domain at a cost-effective price. We ensure hassle-free payroll solution at a faster and easier phase to help clients save money. With online timesheet management, we validate the input received and prepare consolidated reports for processing salaries along with other details for tax deductions, insurance and compensation according to company policies.

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